What to Wear to an Indian Wedding, Expert Suggestions Here!

Wedding season is around the corner and this is the perfect time to decide on the dress for it. The market is flooded with multiple types of dresses for women for weddings. Citing the pomp and show an Indian wedding has it is advisable to choose a dress that not only exhibits royalty but is also comfortable.

The first step to decide on the marriage function dress for females is to know how much pop or color you want in your dress. Also, what is more, important comfort or extravagance? Nevertheless, we at Aachho have some recommendations for the upcoming wedding season.

Top Picks of Dresses for Women for Wedding

If you are also going to attend any wedding this season then here are our top picks of dresses for women for weddings.

Sharara Set

Sharara set is one of the most favorite pieces in the list of wedding outfits for women. With a lot of patterns from embroidered to tie and dye pattern and Gota Patti pattern one gets a lot of options to choose from. The usual price range of the sharara set is INR 2500 to 6000.

Anarkali Set

Anarkali set is one of the evergreen pieces of wedding dress that has been a personal favorite of a lot of celebrities and women. Anarkali sets are usually available in a lot of fabrics i.e. cotton, silk, chiffon velvet. This makes them versatile in nature and one of the basic dresses for women for weddings.

Silk Kurta Set

Silk kurta sets are something that has been ruling the list of marriage function dress for females for a very long time. The primary reason for this is the royal and gracious look it gives to the wearer. One can get a variety of patterns from straight-fit suits to sharara suits when investing in this piece.

Organza Lehenga Set

Similar to the sarees, the organza fabric lehenga set is also one of the favorite Indian wedding clothes. The primary reason for this is the extra fluff that organza as a fabric offers to a lehenga set. One can get a lehenga set in several neck designs be it a boat neck, round neck, sweetheart, or v neck. The usual price range for getting an organza lehenga set is INR 8000 to 10,000.

Chanderi Lehenga Set

The Chanderi lehenga set is another perfect pick for this festive season. One can get a lot of different patterns of lehenga sets owing to their taste and price range. Some of the prominent pieces that one can get as a wedding lehenga choli is handpainted, Gota Patti work, and crystal work lehenga set. The usual price range for a lehenga set is usually INR 7000 to 9500.

Organza Saree

Organza saree is another good marriage function dress for females owing to the crisp and clean look they offer. These days organza fabric is back in fashion and can be found to be donned by a lot of Bollywood celebrities. However, the only thing that has to be kept in mind is that the organza fabric is genuine and authentic. These are perfect wedding outfits for women who wish to attend a high-profile event.

Silk Saree

You can never go wrong with silk saree when it comes to choosing dresses for women for weddings. Silk sarees not only offer a royal look but also add comfort value to the wearer. You can get a lot of silk saree be it handpainted, chanderi, or hand block. Also, with many color options to choose from one can wear a silk saree to any wedding. One can get a silk saree as a wedding outfit for women in the price range of INR 5000 to 8000.


Q1: How many kinds of silk kurta sets are available online?

A1: At present, there are four types of suits available online i.e. kaftan set, kurta set, sharara set, and suit in different patterns.

Q2: Which brand is best for marriage functions dress for female?

A2: Aachho is the best brand for women to buy dresses for women for weddings online.

Q3: What is the usual price of Indian party wear for ladies in India?

A3: At present, you can get an Indian party wear dress for ladies at a price as low as 2500 and the upper price limit of the bags goes to INR 5000 or more.

Q4: What things should be kept in mind to take care of the Indian wedding outfits?

A4: Always use wooden hangers to store and keep the kurta set or saree. Try to avoid metal hangers as they can leave a mark on the garment to take care of the Indian wedding outfits.

Q5: What points should be considered while buying embroidered wedding lehenga choli for ladies?

A5: It is advisable to keep the occasion, weather, and pattern in mind while buying black Indian wedding outfits for ladies.