Hand Block Loungewear

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      24 products

      HandBlock Lounge Wear

      Handblock loungewear is crafted using a traditional technique wherein designs are stamped to the fabric. This is a well-known craft that has been pursued by Indian artisans for ages. The handblock loungewear is available in a range of different patterns and designs like paisley and floral. Opting for handblock loungewear offers a blend of comfort and artistry, allowing you to enjoy relaxation in style. The loungewear is crafted using organic cotton, linen that elevates the comfort level by several times. 

      5 Handblock Lounge Wear Ideas

      The following are five handblock lounge wear ideas that have been trending this season. 

      1. Kaftan Suit

      The Kaftan Suit embodies elegance and comfort. Crafted with intricate handblock prints, it features a loose, flowing silhouette that drapes gracefully. The soft fabric gently caresses your skin, offering a cosy feel that's perfect for lounging. Its relaxed fit and breathable design ensures unrestricted movement, making it a versatile choice for both leisurely evenings at home and casual outings.

      2. Cotton Night Suit

      The Cotton Night Suit is a classic choice for relaxation and comfort. The night suit is crafted from premium cotton adorned with subtle handblock patterns offering supreme comfort. It is crafted with organic cotton that keeps the wearer cool and offers the utmost comfort. This night suit is a go-to option for unwinding after a long day, offering a touch of simplicity and softness.

      3. Floral Print Night Suit

      This night suit offers a comfortable charm combined with handblock techniques with floral prints. The intricate floral patterns add a touch of vibrancy to your loungewear collection. Crafted from gentle fabric mainly cotton and line, it embraces you in a gentle embrace. The cosy texture and simple design make it an excellent choice for those who seek a blend of style and relaxation.

      4. Cotton Kaftan Set

      The Cotton Kaftan Set is a contemporary take on traditional loungewear. The kaftan set is adorned with handblock motifs and offers a balance of fusion and relaxed vibe. The loose-fitting kaftan allows air circulation for a comfortable experience. The set comes with cosy and comfortable bottoms making them an ideal outfit for leisure days.

      5. Paisley Kaftan Set

      The Paisley Kaftan Set is the ultimate comfort of handblock craftsmanship. The intricate paisley designs offer sophistication to your loungewear. The kaftan set offers a loose, flowing ensemble that provides unrestricted movement, while the matching bottoms complete the ensemble. The set is crafted from soft, breathable fabric making this set a pioneer of comfort and style. 

      Tips to Consider When Buying Lounge Wear

      If you are going to buy a lounge wear then there are some factors and tips to consider. These tips ensure that you do not invest in the wrong product, Here are some of the factors that should be considered

      • When buying loungewear, you should always prioritise fabrics like cotton or modal for a soft, breathable feel. The candidates should opt for designs that do not restrict movement and ensure that complete relaxation and comfort are achieved 
      • When choosing loungewear it is best to strike the balance between snug and loose. The right-sized lounge wear guarantees both comfort and mobility and helps to make your activities more enjoyable and hassle-free
      • It is always best that your loungewear resonates with your personal style. Whether you lean towards classic, trendy, or sporty designs, feeling confident in your loungewear adds to the experience
      • Select loungewear with the appropriate thickness not too thick and not more light. When picking it for the summer season, it is best to consider lighter fabrics like cotton, linen and rayon. Whereas, go for thicker options during winter to keep you warm 
      • Stitching and fabric quality should not be neglected when buying loungewear. Loungewear with proper build lasts longer thus maintaining its appearance and comfort even after numerous washes
      • Opt for loungewear that is versatile in design to maximise its utility and offer value for your investment. Go for pieces that can transition from home to casual outings.
      • Check if the colours are resistant to fading skip colours that belong to blue. This ensures that your loungewear retains its vibrant appearance, even after multiple wash cycles, keeping you stylish and comfy


      1. What is the benefit of loungewear?

      Ans. Loungewear offers comfort and relaxation, allowing you to unwind and recharge in cosy attire, promoting a sense of well-being.

      1. Can lounge sets be worn outside?

      Ans. Yes, many modern lounge sets are designed for both indoor comfort and casual outdoor wear, providing versatility and style.

      1. Can you wear loungewear in public?

      Ans. Yes, some stylish loungewear pieces can be worn in public settings if they are versatile in design. 

      1. What are the major tips to consider when buying loungewear?

      Ans. One should consider the fabric and design when buying loungewear.