About the initiative

We understand that creating fashion consciously is the only way forward and so, moving forward, we are imbibing environmental and social consciousness in everything we do. Taking the lead, our first step is to reduce fabric waste disposal via our initiative, ‘Extract The ExtraOrdinary.’

Under this, we bring together our manufacturing, operational and artistic capabilities to upcycle fabric remains and create a stunning range of home and lifestyle accessories.

How it works?

We have created a streamlined flow to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted process of textile leftovers and it all starts from the fabric department, where the majority of the textile scrap is generated.

Step 1
Collection of fabric remains
Step 02
Segregation as per size and volume
Step 03
Assorting fabric based on designs
Step 04
Making the accessories


Shop our stunning range of ‘Extra Ordinary’ fashion, home, and other lifestyle accessories.

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Aachho undertakes a notable initiative, #ExtractTheExtraOrdinary to reduce their overall textile wastage.

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